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Prospection*: or sales intelligence.

The Decidento added value

Detect relevant and operational business signals for your teams.

Advanced surveillance

Strategic intelligence to 15 000 private and public sources (big data included).

Detection of projects

1000 projects identified weeckly through 250 business signals.


Tools training included. Implementation in 48h maximum.

Commercial data

More than 200 000 company records with accurate data: Growth indicator, financial, finance, decision-makers, key figures...


Legal and operational representatives with the possibility to find decision-makers by activity: name, function, email.

+Innovation & Human

DECIDENTO is not a machine. We combine an intelligence and exclusive technology with a team of experts and data analysts.

+Motivation & Incentive

Productivity and motivation incresase of your commercial team.


DECIDENTO identify strategic information of companies in France and Europe


Monitored sources


Business projects/ year


Areas of activities

Further information

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The Decidento solution allows to generate focused leads and contextualized information to change your staff in true actors of their work.

Leads generation

Work more efficiently your pipeline by 30%

Detect focused leads

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Efficient prospection

Increase your conversion rates

Integrate SALES INTELLIGENCE* in your company

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Watch over all your key accounts

Never miss the strategic information you need

Build and retain customer satisfaction

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Business intelligence

Competitive alerts, monitored your market

Well inform your staff with the right information

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*Definition: Sales intelligence refers to technologies, applications and practices for the collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of information to help salespeople keep up to date with clients, prospect data and drive business.

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Continuous innovation


Passion for the information

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+ than 15 000 sources

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